The Molenbeek Valley
Promenade Verte, Part VII


NOTE: This is part 7 of 7 in our series about the Promenade Verte, the “Green Path” around Brussels. You can find general information and links to all other parts on this page.

Start: Cimetiere de Berchem (Bus 84)

Finish: Atomium (Metro 6, Trams 7 & 19)

Should I walk all of it? If you feel like it.

This (last) part of the Promenade Verte is, while not the prettiest, still one of the greenest.

Starting at Berchem Cemetery, you will first walk a bit through the Wilder Woods, before landing at the Katterbroek, a swampy piece of green.

Soon you will be at the Zavelenberg – and if you look closely, you can see the pretty Basilique from here (and also the not quite so pretty Basilix shopping centre across the road).


Continue through the quiet and mostly green part of Ganshoren and past the Ganshoren cemetery to get to the Bois du Laerbeek. If you’re feeling adventurous or need a break, the Chalet du Laerbeek is just a few metres further into the woods; it houses a nice cafe-restaurant.

The Promenade Verte now leads through the huge King Baudouin park; you will notice that, as you get closer to the city, you will encounter more and more walkers/bikers, until you are amongst families and playgrounds.

Where the King Baudouin park ends end the Parc de la Jeunesse begins, you will find your final chance to cut this route short, hop on a bus and treat yourself to a cone of fries at the nearby Friterie du Miroir.


The last stretch of this route leads through a residential area, highlighted by the Prince Leopold Square, a nice park with a couple of benches, ideal for a last short break.


Finally, you will walk through the Parc Sobieski and the neighbouring Jardin Colonial, before the Promenade Verte ends as it began – the circle is completed with the Atomium just up the road.


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