Promenade Verte
Circling Brussels on the Green Path


Brussels is very green, and its size makes it a city that is comfortably explored on foot. So it seems only logical that you can also walk around Brussels: The 63 kilometer long Promenade Verte (Green Path) takes you along the edges of the city; through parks and forests and into some corners you probably would never have visited otherwise.

We walked the walk. And now we talk the talk walk.

In the following weeks, we will have seperate posts about all 7 parts of the Promenade Verte:

Screenshot from the official Brochure

Screenshot from the official Brochure

Let’s start with some general information about the Green Path.

Each part covers between 5 and 10 kilometers; the starting and ending points are well connected to the public transport network, but in between you sometimes are far away from any buses, trams or railways. I would strongly reommend to check your possible transport connections in advance, as in some parts you have to rely on regional buses (i.e. De Lijn), which – especially on the weekends – don’t run too often.

The way is very well signposted throughout; surprisingly well, considering Brussels is usually not the most organized city in the world. Still, it seems adviseable to consult the map in advance and/or download the official brochure; both can be done on the official website here (information in French/Dutch). You can also order a free printed copy of the Brochure (also in French/Dutch) via phone (02 775 75 75) or e-mail ([email protected]).

Be prepared for detours; we had all kinds of them. Sometimes there would be a clearly signposted deviation along the way, at other times the way would abruptly end in front of a building site or a fence. Or – yes, this has happened more than once – the way would simply be too muddy/flooded to continue. So bring appropriate footwear and try to see the adventure in it.

One more word of advice: While we truly enjoyed walking around Brussels, we would be lying if we said we weren’t disappointed with some parts of the Promenade Verte.

To make the circle around the city complete, the way sometimes has to lead through grey areas where no green ones could be found. In part, this is understandable; and mostly it just means that to get from one stretch of fields, forests etc. to the next you have to walk (or bike) through a residential area or on the edge of a shopping centre.

A few parts, though, were really frustrating: Walking through an industrial area for 30 minutes and then walking alongside the construction site behind the big IKEA just to get to a swamp you can hardly get through and then finish the route by walking around a huge hospital? Erm, thanks, but no thanks. We will, of course, point out these worst parts of the Green Path. You should skip these, unless you absolutely want to complete the Promenade Verte and walk every last meter of it.

Have fun, don’t give up – and enjoy the green parts of Brussels!