Quintine Blonde
Witches and Wishes


The Brasserie des Legendes came about in 2006 following the merger of two small local breweries; Goliath and Quintine. The area is rich in folklore so the name Legends seemed appropriate. One such legend relates to the witches coven of d’Èllezelles. On the 26th October 1610 the 38 year old Quintine was accused of sorcery and burnt at the stake.

According to the brewery the recipe for their Quintine beer dates back to this time; it was to be found in Quintine’s journal. Whether the beer has magical qualities or not – the brewery promises a wish will come true when the correct spell is recited – the recipe has supposedly been passed down from generation to generation.The Quintine Blonde is certainly an eye catcher on the shelf; traditional ceramic flip top and the silhouette of a witch complete with broom flying across the label. It looked good, too, in the glass; good head and copper golden colour. Nice aroma of grain, sweet malt, alcohol and hops.

Unfortunately , the beer did not live up to it’s promise. Not only did my wish not come true but I found the beer a little unbalanced: True everything for a great beer was there, not too sweet , yeast, good bitterness, alcohol 8% vol. but it just didn’t seem to blend together.

Perhaps a bit too much phenolic taste that cut through the follow through or clashed with the hop intensity. Probably a personal thing , others rate the beer highly or maybe there wishes were granted. I’ll try it again; perhaps next time it will work on me.