The Queen of Burgers

rachelburger1Tracking down a good burger isn’t always that easy. Especially not in Belgium. Some places think that a “bicky burger” – a readymade pattie stuck between a bun – makes a great burger. Well, we are obviously speaking a different language. We know what we are talking about when we say “great burger”: juicy meat, tasty sauce, a couple of extras, be it grilled vegetables or a slice of beetroot to jazz things up. The bread is quintessential too.

A solid burger at the Hardrock Café always comes out top in our personal ranking on Brussels Burgers.  But even the best burger get’s boring after a while. That’s why we decided to give Rachel on Rue du Marché au Charbon a try. (Must admit: We had walked past recently and seen that the food sure did look good!) 

It was a mild day when we were in the area – and we were really glad to grab one of the few outside tables on the pavement. (It was already after 2 pm, so it was empty inside. It definitely felt better to sit outside.) The waitress was friendly and let us take our time.

Ordering a burger at Rachel isn’t exactly easy. There are all sorts of different variations. In the end we went for a lambburger with grilled veggies and feta and a beef burger with guacomole and lots of spice. Unfortunately they charge extra if you want to change one of the ingredients. Swapping feta for simple cheddar cheese would have cost one Euro. (In my mind Feta seems more special than Cheddar, but they don’t care. Policy is policy.)

Having been in Brussels for a while, we didn’t cringe when we saw the price: 15 Euro for a burger. This is with sides though.  Ovenroasted potatoes and very nice coleslaw.  I feel a bit inclined to write coleslow as this was the downside of the restaurant. We were two of four customers and had to wait for a good 30 minutes for the burgers.


When they arrived we weren’t disappointed. Rachel really does do very good burgers, nicely presented too. The only tricky thing is that the burgers are served on very small, vintage style plates. With the coleslaw, the potatoes and the large burger it was a bit difficult to eat. Oh, and one other thing: You probably won’t be able to eat the burger with your hands – it is too full of great ingredients, stacked high.

Rachel only has Burgers and Bagels on the menu. According to the waitress the bagels are imported from the US. We will try these out next time.

P.S. If you can’t get a spot at Rachel’s try Houtsiplou, it is only a stone’s throw away.

Rachel Bagels & Burgers, Rue du Marché au Charbon 100, Brussels // Facebook-Page