Ramee Ambree Tripel
Fast Food and Belgian Beer


Fast food restaurants – even when the phrase is prefixed by the word quality – are not the best places to find a range of beers. My choice was between Carlsberg or Ramee Ambree tripel.

Bearing in mind it was a hot day I should have gone for the Carlsberg as a straightforward thirst quencher. The Ramee was, however, new to me. so I decided to make the sacrifice. In all honesty I drank a Carlsberg afterwards! 

Ramée is a certified Belgian Abbey beer whose origins date back to the early 13th century. Since 2006 it has been brewed for the cistercian abbey, la Ramee at the Bocq brewery in Purnode. It’s a dark amber coloured beer with a good frothy head. The colour is the result of brewing a pure variety of two-row spring malt with the addition of roasted wheat.

Maybe it was the sunshine, but the alcohol (7.5% alc. Vol.) seemed to be right upfront alongside the malty flavour. This was closely followed by a bit of spice, caramel and tropical fruit.

A good finsh where some hoppy bitterness comes through. A nice beer but not for a hot summer day!