RIP: Yamato
Our Favourite Japanese has Closed


Restaurants come and go. And in Brussels the changeover seems to happen rather frequently. We try to stay up to date as well as we can – and obviously try to mark this on our blog. If you want to survive in the gastronomic world you have to be good. Even better: You have to be unique.

Yamato on the corner of Square Boniface fullfilled both criteria. That is why we were rather surprised to find a note stuck on the door: This great japanese noodle-bar has closed down after 27 years! (The note unfortunately did not say why.)


Yamato was one of our favourite restaurants in Brussels. That’s why the closing of this restaurant deserves a short blog post. Thank you Yamato for some great evenings!


Dear readers!
If you come across a change/closing down of one of the restaurants featured on our blog, please let us know!

If you find a place as good as Yamato please tell us about it!

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  1. yamato

    Yamato reopened from January 21, 2016.

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