Rouge Cloître
Wander around in the huge Park


As I am still wrestling with those few extra kilos brought back from the summer holiday (thank you, France!), for the next couple of weeks we will have Tea on Tuesday instead of my beloved Treats on Tueday.

Let’s start with something a little out of the way, a gem hidden in the woods that surround Brussels: The Weekend Cafe at the Rouge Cloitre in Auderghem.

This cafe is something you would not find in the heart of Brussels (or any city, for that matter) these days: It’s only open on weekends. There is no service, you have to go to the counter. There is no WI-FI. There are no sophisticated diet-soja-skinny-extra-special-latte-somethings a la Starbucks & Co. There are no comfy leather chairs or sofas to doze away the afternoon.

So, you ask: Why bother going there?

Because it has a familial flair to it. Because you can sit outside. Because the coffee is decent and costs 2,50 €. Because the cakes look delicious, so does there wide offer of vegetarian food (quiche, salads etc.) Because sitting on the long wooden benches may lead to you talking to strangers.

And, most of all, because you deserve a coffee break after wandering around the park of the Rouge Cloitre, which is what you probably came here for in the first place.

Happy Wanderlust!

Rouge Cloître, Rue de Rouge-Cloître 4, Brussels // Website