Rouge Tomate
Fancy being fancy?


Sometimes it’s the little things that give you a good idea about what to expect. For example: When the first thing you read about a restaurant on their homepage is that they also have an outlet in New York. It may mean that you’ve found your way to the website of McDonald’s – or, much better, you have discovered something rather fancy.

Dining at the “Rouge Tomate” recently, the fanciness was right there. From the way staff greeted us to the interior of the place to the wine list. Oh, and the food was good, too. And fancy: Medley of beets and carrots, goats cheese, saba, pistachios and watercress was our starter – for 17 €. Quite fancy, right? Or how about the “Light pumpkin cheese cake with speculoos crust, organic honey, cranberries and pecans” (11 €) for dessert?

I must admit I’m not sure which fish I had as a main course – it was delicious but, again, rather fancy. And when I say fancy, I mean: Excellent taste, however, hard to figure out what exactly is in the dish – and rather little food on a rather big plate.

Go there, if you are looking for something special to spend your lunch money on. Or, better still, let someone invite you there.

Rouge Tomate, 190 Avenue Louise, Brussels //