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Happy Hour(s) on Rue du Bailli


Most expats living in Brussels know the Place Chatelain – it is a popular expat hub and the Wednesday market was one of the things we discovered here early on. This area is a popular residential area, you will hear all sorts of European languages in the streets and obviously lots of restaurants and bars can be found in this area. Quite a few of them try to attract customers with happy hours – and the sign outside the bar Roxi attracted our attention.

Roxi is a bar on Rue du Bailli 82 (The main street  that runs parallel to the market.) Their happy hour is every weekday from 6pm to 7pm. The place gets full – especially on Wednesdays. (A friend of ours who introduced us to Brussels actually said: “Wednesdays is Chatalain-Day, Thursday is Place Lux-Day”).

In some countries Happy Hour means that you pay half the price for your drink. In Belgium the “system” is slightly different: You get two drinks for the price of one: they bring them at the same time, that’s why you sometimes see people sat in front of two glasses of wine per person. Some bars let you share the cocktail: You order one Mojito – the waiter brings you two – and each of you drinks one. Some bars are  less liberal (=want to make money), so you have to have two. Unfortunately Roxi belongs to the latter group.

We didn’t have a happy hour cocktail but a regular glass of wine instead – on the upstairs terrace. Well, terrace might be bit of an exaggeration: It is a rather narrow balcony with only a few tables outside. We were lucky enough to bag one. What more can you wish for than a glass of wine in  the evening sun?  (That was what I thought until a group of  EU-interns came and sat down next to us.)

The service wasn’t too good. It took ages for somebody to come upstairs… but this is something you have to get used to in Brussels. Especially in a buzzing area like Chatelain where people flock to not matter the service. They also serve food – it didn’t look to special but will probably do the trick if you are looking for something to soak up the alcohol.

Personally I have discovered nicer, more genuine areas than the Chatelain area – so I mainly only head there to meet friends. But it can be fun the first couple of times – so give the Rue du Bailli and Place du Chatelain a try on a Wednesday.

P.S. If you want to enjoy the market head there before 4pm when all is calm and quiet….

Roxi Café, Rue du Bailli 82, Brussels // No Website

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    I so agree with this review. I never took the time to write such one, but feels good to read it. 🙂

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