Satan Red
Drinking with the Devil


Satan is the tempter, but his record is by no means 100%. As far as I can recall he was relatively successful in the form of a serpent in the Garden of Eden but not so hot when he came up against Job in the Land of Uz.

The devil crops up fairly often amongst Belgian beer names, but with the exception of Duvel, which is the Flemish word for devil, I haven’t been unduly tempted to renew an acquaintance.

This offering is from the de Block brewery in Merchtem-Peizegem; the label on the bottle is certainly an eye catcher and no doubt works its temptation on numerous occasions. In the glass the spell continues; amber in colour with a good stable head. The aroma is malt with peppery spice and some sweet fruit.

The temptation starts to wane a bit with the first taste; bubblegum sweetness right up front which mellows down into ripe pear and allows the malt to come through. As the glass warmed a bit a hint of sour cherry (the red in the name?) came out and some nice clove and hops tastes.

Unfortunately these elements started to fade in favour of the sweetness and the finish was predominantly caramel malt. The alcohol at 8.0% vol. is relatively unobtrusive and far from devilish.

So Duvel is still the only way the Devil is going to get to me by means of a beer.