Schaerbeek Beer Museum
A Hidden Gem for Beer Lovers


Brussels is filled with Museums, a lot of which are worth a visit – and a lot of which are well-known. Think BOZAR, Magritte, and so on.

Then again, there are those that are little know – but still very well worth going to.

One of them is the Schaerbeek Beer Museum, a true hidden gem for Belgian Beer Lovers.



Admittedly, it does not look like much from the outside. To be precise: The first time I visited I was not sure I had even come to the right place.

Once you are inside it is a completely different story: You see the hundreds of beer glasses and bottles, the original posters, metal signs and memorabilia – and you know you have come to the right place.



Being a museum, there are info boards telling you about the history and the process of beer production. The much more interesting part, though, is the massive collection of beer related items. Take your time and browse through everything; it won’t take long and you will have discovered a lot of well-known brands – some with logos and/or names/brews that have since been replaced or discontinued – and others that no longer exist.




There is even a retro-styled brasserie, which is perfect – aside from the fact that, of course, it is not open for business and you cannot have a drink here.



Don’t fear that you will dry up here, though: There is a bar that is open – and they even have their own Schaerbeek brew – La Schaerbeekoise -, which is quite nice. Especially since one bottle is included with your entrance fee of 3€.



The Schaerbeek Beer Museum is run by volunteers, which means that they are not able to provide opening times like professional museums do. When we last checked, the museum was open on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons only, from 2 to 6pm. Make sure to check the opening times on their website before you visit!


Overall, this is a pretty cool place; not in spite, but because it is a bit old fashioned and far from being one of those museums that are hyper-modern, but in trying to be up-to-date with the latest technology forget what they are about and what story they have to tell.

If you ask us, it’s a lot better than the ‘official’ Beer Museum at the Grand Place.

Schaerbeek Beer Museum, Avenue Louis-Bertrand 33-35, Brussels // Website