The Sofitel Terrace
Stylish Cocktails with a Beach Feeling


Now, we have already told you about the stylish cocktails they make at the Crystal Lounge inside the Sofitel Louise. What we didn’t tell you about at the time – because we had not seen it ourselves – is the beautiful terrace they have. Especially in good weather, it can become a true oasis for drinks in the city.


While the entrance to the Sofitel is on busy – and at night not too pretty – avenue Louise, the terrace goes out in the back. A couple of buildings, a church – nothing to disturb your happy hour or, more importantly, to block the sunshine and the view of the Brussels’ nightsky, respectively.


My favourite part (and maybe soon yours, too): Apart from the beachy tables and chairs, which are stylish enough for any terrace, they also offer a couple of lounge-type sunbeds. They are easily big enough for two, they give you a little privacy – and enough space to stretch your feet while enjoying your cocktail.

Crystal Lounge @ Sofitel Louise, Avenue de la Toison d’Or 40, Brussels // Website

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