Spicy Grill
Indian Restaurant in the EU centre

Got there late on a Friday evening, after 9.30 pm. So most of the guest were already tucking into their dessert. The waiter seated us immediately and greeted us with a friendly smile. He remained patient throughout the evening, introduced us to Tamarind chutney and fulfilled all our special wishes (1 meal extra spicy, 1 not too hot.)

Both Vindaloo curries (1 with vegetables, 1 with beef) were fantastic – and this comes from someone used to Indian meals in London. The portions were not overly big, however, we only shared one portion of Naan. So if you order too side dishes (i.e. Naan and rice), you won’t leave hungry.

The ingredients of the curries were fresh – none of the vegetables were out of the freezer or a can. The restaurant itself, however, wasn’t “authentic” Indian, but rather modern. The neon sign outside might seem a bit tacky to some, but that is definetely misleading.

Spicy Grill – Indian restaurant, Rue Stevin 102 // www.spicygrill.be