Spring Special: Place Jourdan
Restaurants, Bars, Cafes & Frites


Now that spring has finally arrived in Brussels and it’s warm enough on most evenings to sit outside and enjoy food and drinks in the open air, it’s time for a little dossier regarding Place Jourdan, one of the hotspots of Etterbeek and the EU district. This is our Spring Special: Restaurants, Bars, Cafes & Frites at Place Jourdan. 
Let’s start with what is undoubtly the main attraction: Frites from Maison Antoine. While we haven’t completed our ranking of the best frites in Brussels just yet (coming soon!), it’s safe to say you can’t go wrong with Antoine’s fried offerings. And the best thing about it: Most (all?) cafes at Place Jourdan welcome you to eat your frites at their tables while having a drink.

Our favourite cafe to do just this is Chez Bernard, which – conveniently – is located only a few steps away from Maison Antoine. If you can’t find a place there or are looking for a change, we can also recommend The First and the very cosy LT Cafe, which are both on the same side of Place Jourdan as chez Bernard. Now, if you are searching for a place in the sun on the other side of Place Jourdan, you can find yourself a table outside of L’Autobus – just make sure you are not in a hurry as service tends to be slow.

Fancy something sweet after or instead of the heavenly fries? Then treat yourself to a Cinammon Bun at the ScanShop! No more Buns left – or the ScanShop is closed? Then go for one of the many delicious offerings at the Allemeersch bakery. Still not satisfied? There are delicious eclairs at PAUL just a short walk from Place Jourdan towards Schuman.
In case you want to go for a ‘proper meal’ (yes, sometimes frites are not enough!), there is a variety of restaurants at and around Place Jourdan. For Pizza-lovers, we tried and liked both Mamma Roma (directly at Place Jourdan) and also Il Sorriso at 44 Rue General Leman, the former being more fast-food-style and latter being a more ‘proper restaurant’. If you don’t mind taking a five-minute-walk, though, we suggest you go to Pizza Liloo, which is our Italian favourite in the area. Another plus: It’s also open on Sundays! 

Speaking of Sundays: Don’t forget that – whatever the weather! – there is also a lovely little Sunday market on Place Jourdan.

Now, if after all that food you need a walk – why don’t you walk towards Place Flagey, which will be the focus of our next Spring Special dossier. Oh, and while you are on the way: Treat yourself to a Crepes Marocaines in the Rue Malibran!

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