Sucré Salé
Quick Breakfast on Place Cocq


There’s many options for food & drinks on Chaussee d’Ixelles around Place Fernand Coq: You can go for a coffee or cocktail at De Haus, have a burger at L’Amour Fou, storm Dolma’s vegetarian buffet or treat yourself with a cake from Renard.

But where to go for breakfast? 

We decided to try Sucré Salé on a grey January morning – not for a festive, feastive brunch, just a simple breakfast.

There are a couple of different “formule” options; or you can just order bit by bit a la carte, which is what we did.

So, let’s give you the rundown of our petit dejeuner:

The coffee: good. The usual options at the usual prices – not much can go wrong here.

The bread: very nice. They get their baguette from Le Fleur du Pain down on Place Flagey, which was a nice surprise, since it’s a little bakery we like to buy our bread from as well.

The sides: ok. Our demi-baguettes (1,60 € each) came with an assortment of raspberry and apricot jam, plus nutella-style chocolate spread.

The egg: half-and-half. I ordered a soft-boiled egg and five minutes later got a very, very runny, not very much boiled egg. The waiter made another one, and this second one was satisfactory.


The atmosphere: hmmm …. To be honest: We had expected a bit more, since the place looks quite cute and cozy from the outside. Inside, it’s rather hard to find a nice spot that isn’t directly next to the door, next to the counter or in a long, rather dark aisle in the “second” room.

We opted for the table at the window, which was ok. Overall, it wasn’t very cosy, though: It felt rather cold, a bit eraly for the techno-music and that the place was almost empty didn’t help, too.

Still, I would recommend Sucré Salé if you’re in the area and looking for a quick and certainly not overpriced breakfast during the week.

Sucré Salé, Place Fernand Cocq 10, Brussels // Website

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  1. why i am not skinny

    HIM & I normally order 2 “Salé” breakfast & waddle out full! with All that cheese & ham, bread & boiled eggs.
    But I do agree that the boiled eggs can sometimes be hit & miss! Sometimes they are perfect, sometimes too runny and recently too hard!!
    But we keep going back 🙂

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