Super des Fagnes
A Saison on the Sweeter Side



In 1994 Frederic Adant, following the completion of his studies and true to his brewing genes (fourth generation of a brewing family) brought the beer Super de Fagnes back to life; it had previously been brewed in the Mariembourg region.

The project was so succesfull that the Brasserie des Fagnes started up just four years later. Today the brewery proudly states that over 50 different seasonal beers are brewed each year; don’t go looking for them on the beer shop shelf, though: only the four varieties of Super des Fanges and the new creation, Chevetogne, are available commercially outside of the brewery.

Following the success of the blonde Super, a sweeter darker version was brewed. Both are relatively widely available. I’ve chosen the brown version; if for no other reason I think the chances to suprise are probably higher.

The colour was brown with burgundy red and a stable thick beige head. The aroma was not overwhelming; caramel sweetness, yeast and malty grain. The first taste was oversweet but this quickly came down to a sweet malt tempered with a fruity sourness and some hop bitterness.

Coriander and orange flavours and then licorice. At the end, the sweetness came back too much just when I thought that maybe it could be a beer for me. Alcohol ( 7.5 % vol) was about right.

Sadly no big suprises; in line with the brewery’s description and list of ingredients. For those of you who like their beer on the sweeter side probably not a disappointment.