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Favourite Restaurant Food at Home

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Do you we like ordering out? If you had asked us these questions a couple of weeks ago, I probably would have said: No, not really. It would be something we would do only when we are really lazy  i.e. after a night out or a very long hike. As we love to cook we always have something in the cupboard to whip up a quick, tasty meal – that probably is better for you than a greasy pizza from your local joint.

However, in Brussels my attention was drawn to TakeEatEasy. A delivery service that allows you to order from great restaurants – many of them that have been on our personal “Want-To-Do-List” for a very long time. We had to give it a try. (takeeateasy.com kindly offered us a 20 Euro voucher to try out their service.)

After going onto the website I realised: This was gonna be a tricky one!! The site is simple, you can easily filter what type of cuisine you want and check out which restaurants deliver to your area. But I am a very indecisive person. Should we go for the Thai? The Belgian? The Indian? We actually already had entered our order (without paying though) and I changed my mind. Good job we took lots of time – we ordered in the afternoon and set a time for the delivery.

In the end we went for two menus from Knees to Chin – a little restaurant just off Rue du Baili that makes Rice Paper Rolls in lots of different variations. We will tell you more about this discovery in our next post. So let’s focus on the delivering. You can pay by credit card or bank contact. Straight after paying we received a confirmation by sms


The fun – and useful – thing is, that you can track your order. As the food is delivered by bicycle courier, you can follow his/her journey from the restaurant to your front door. Our food was scheduled for 7:45 pm. It arrived  a few minutes early – and the good thing was we didn’t have to worry about finding cash or dealing with the delivery guy.

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We could sit straight down and eat! Yummy. Obviously a luxury like this does have its price. You will pay the same price as in the restaurant (no takeout-deals), and then the delivery is 3 Euros. So if you want to be posh, you can even order your 27 Euro main and have it brought to your dinner table!

We won’t do it every day, but we definitely will take advantage of this service, as it really does make difficult days so much easier!

You can try it out for yourself:  TakeEatEasy offers your, our dear readers, a 10 € voucher for your first order – just click here and give it a try. (Full disclosure: As you get a 10 € voucher, so do we.)