The Tastes of April
Our Discoveries in Recent Weeks


It is (finally) getting warmer and greener in Brussels & it’s safe to say that April has seen the beginning of the Flower Season in and around the city.


This weekend is your last chance to go and see the spectacular Floralia Spring Exhibition at Groot-Bijgaarden Castle.

And you should also be pretty quick if you want to catch one of the sensational views of the Bluebells in Hallerboos.

You have a few more days to go and see the Royal Greenhouses in Laeken; they are open until May 8th this year.


While we’re busy talking about the Green side of Brussels – have you seen the start of our new series about the Promenade Verte, the Green Path that circles Brussels? The first part is already online and we’ll post some more in May!

promverAlthough there was a flowery focus, April on the blog wasn’t all about green(s); we had some pretty nice foodie recommendations as well.


If you’re in the mood for stoemp, why not give Madame Chapeau a try, who recently opened her doors in the city centre.

For those who like to cook themselves (but are a bit lazy when it comes to planning and shopping), we can – after a trial week – recommend the concept of Smartmat.

Looking for something more exotic? We got you covered or, to be precise: L’Horloge du Sud has got you covered. We really enjoyed our African feast there.

Only a few steps away Mellow has opened a new shop – Frozen Yoghurt, anyone?


But wait, there’s more!

We recently discovered a fairly new Café, which has quickly become one of our favourite places for breakfast: With good coffee, fresh croissants and lots of Smurfs, Leopold Café Press has everything you need for a good start to your day …


As always, we have a couple of new Belgian (and one Austrian) Beers on the blog: Bocq 1858 Saison, Rochefort 10, Benno Trappist and Gulden Draak.


Ok, if you’ve made it this far, you really should be rewarded. So we’ll share a little secret with you: The Felix Hap Parc, a little hidden oasis only a few steps away from the buzz of the EU district. Nice, right?

We wish you a great month of May – keep on tasting Brussels!