The Tastes of February
Our Favourites from the last Month


We had a pretty busy month on the Blog with – on average – one post every two days; to make sure you haven’t missed anything you might like, here’s a little recap of our recommendations from the last four weeks.

While January on Tastes Of Brussels saw a lot of beer-related posts, in February we focused more on food and, in particular, with dinner experiences.
But let’s start with breakfast.

We can full-heartedly recommend Maison Renardy for a good start to the day: The bread comes home-made from their own bakery round the corner, and the jam section, too, is home-branded.

If you don’t have too much time how about a solid, quick breakfast at Sucré-Salé? It’s not quite as cute as Renardy, but still we were happy with our petit dejeuner there.

While they do offer breakfast and brunch, we would rather recommend Au Pays des Merveilles as a location for bunch. The salads looked amazing and we were also tempted by the bagels – although we were wondering if they would be worth the rather hefty price tag.

An alternative for lunch is the Green Kitchen at the Belvue Museum. It’s near the town centre and the perfect spot if you are on a cultural outing around the “museum hill”.
Talking about culture: We also had a post about the Van Gogh exhibition in Mons, which is, as you surely know, one of Europe’s “Culture Capitals” in 2015. The exhibition alone makes a trip to Mons worthwhile; if you want to know what else there is to see and do in Mons – we will have a seperate post on this shortly.

But now – back to the food!

Looking for a place to have dinner? We had a number of recommendations on the blog in last weeks: First, La Piola, an Italian restaurant in Ixelles, where we had a great night (well, the one half of us which is invited to Girls’ nights did).

Want something different? In this post we explain what you can expect from Bookalokal and why we think you should try it.


One of our all-time favourite restaurants in Brussels is Kokob, where you literally dig in with your hands. It’s different, it’s delicious and it’s a memorable experience.

Just around the corner is a new favourite of ours: C’est bon, c’est belge, a very nice Belgian restaurant – with classical Belgian cuisine and very nice service (yes, these two can go together!).

So … you are here for the drinks? We got you covered as well!

As usual, there are a couple of new beers on the blog: The devilish Satan Red, the very strong Kasteel Tripel, the revolutionary La Guillotine and the rather cute “Miss Piggy” beer, Cochonnette.

But wait, there’s more!

Shortly leaving our enthusiasm (obsession?) with Belgian beer aside, we were happy to be introduced to Belgian spirits, namely Belgin Gins. Toni, one of the partners at Belgin, was kind enough to guide us through a Gin Tasting in cooperation with our friends at Cheeseweb.

Keep on tasting Brussels!