The Tastes of June
A Best-Of of our recent discoveries


There were a lot of new things do discover on the blog in June – not at least the new design of our blog itself, which went live on June 15th. (By the way, we would very much appreciate your feedback on this – how do you like it? Have you had any troubles accessing certain pages or posts?)

Let’s focus on the food first: June was very much international in this aspect, you could even say global.


We took a World Burger Tour at the Hard Rock Café in Brussels – have you had any chance to try one of the international Burgers yet?

On we went to India, with the help of Flavour Delivered’s spices.


Japan was next: We loved the food at Kokuban – simply loved it. It’s tasty, it’s authentic, it comes with friendly service – what more could you want?

Talking about authenticity: We found that a little closer to home, too. At Nuetnigenough – absolutely try to learn the name before your first beer! – we had some truly Belgian food, washed down with local beers. A great place with a tricky name!


Feel like walking off a little of those extra pounds? Yeah, we did, too. So we walked all the way around Brussels – yes, all the way. The Promenade Verte will take you in a circle around the city limits – in our blog series we give you information about which parts are worth walking and which are not.


If you don’t feel like leaving the inner city, we know where you can find a great green spot among all that grey: The Ferme du Parc Maximilien is a real farm – next to the metro. Walking around the farm and seeing all the animals there will surely provide you with at least a short escape from bustling Brussels.


Last but not least, we have something to drink on offer: A couple of new beers on the Blog, Oude Geuze Cuvée René, and Gauloise Blonde.

Keep on tasting Brussels!



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