The Tastes of March
Our Favourites from the last Month


Remember the “Best Fries in Brussels” Ranking we did last year? We’re busy working on an updated ranking and we had two new friteries on the blog in March: Chez Palma on Place Saint-Josse, which we liked very much, and the (nameless?!) friterie on Avenue Georges Henri, which was a bit disappointing.

Those were just two of our discoveries in recent weeks.


We started off the month of March with a workshop at Pho Pho; who would have thought making your own spring rolls is that easy? You can read all about it in this post, including videos of professional spring rolling (is that even a word?) and us (not quite as professionally) making our very own Pho in Pho Pho’s kitchen.


Not to put too much pressure on our friends at Les Filles, who do a truly great brunch, but we have found another spot that should be at the very top of everyone’s brunch list in Brussels: La Fabrique. It’s not cheap, but it’s worth it – so make sure you treat yourself to a lavish brunch at La Fabrique soon!


Talking about (new) favourite foodie spots in the city, here’s another one: Rachel Burgers & Bagels. We call her the Queen of Burgers, and unless someone else provides us with a better Speedy Gonzales (burger with guacomole) we will continue to do so without doubt.

mons1Aside from the food-centered experiences (and aren’t they usually the best?), we followed up our review of the Van Gogh exhibition in Mons with a post about a daytrip to one of this year’s Europe’s Culture Capitals.

Whatever you choose to do, please don’t forget to rub the monkey’s head on the Grand Place!

cinqarch2Don’t want to go that far to see something different? Then why not make use of the free entry to the grand arch in Parc Cinquantenaire, take the elevator (and a few stairs) to the top and enjoy 360° views of Brussels.


After all that eating and sightseeing, you are probably ready for a drink. Here’s two new watering holes we can recommend: The Roxi Bar/Cafe near Place Chatelain – and the even cuter, 1930s-style Brasserie Verschueren in St-Gilles (pictured above).


Last but not least, we had – of course – a couple of new Belgian beers in March: The White Princess from Namur, a very N’Ice Chouffe, a truly radiating Leffe and the Original Geuze from Mort Subite.

Cheers & keep tasting Brussels!