The Tastes of May
Our Discoveries in recent weeks


May on our blog was all about trying out new things all over Brussels. With the weather getting (slightly) better, it is now time (again) for Frunch. What’s Frunch, you ask? It’s your Friday Lunch with Food Trucks at the BIP on Place Royale.

A nice alternative were the free lunch-time concerts at Guinguette – they are unfortunately over for this year, but if you have missed them, you can read all about it here and mark your calendars for 2016.


While we love to be out and about to try new things, one of them recently involved – per definition – staying at home: We gave Take Eat Easy a try and were positively surprised. Read all about it here and try it yourself – with our 10 € voucher for your first order!


Got a Sweet Tooth? We do, too.

So naturally, we had to visit the new Belgian Chocolate Village on the outskirts of town. Our verdict: It’s a must for chocolate lovers in Brussels.

What else is new? Let me see …

Oh, there we have it: Two new watering holes, both near the Grande Place.


If you don’t mind tourists sitting on the table next to you, then Le Cirio is worth a shot. Yes, it’s a bit touristy – bit it’s also quite stylish and it’s the place to have a Halve-en-Halve in Brussels. Don’t know what that is? One more reason to read our post here.

The other is Peck 47, a cute little cafe/resto, which is located in the tourist area of Brussels – but not touristy at all on the inside. Beware, you might face a tough decision: Death or Cake??


We have also continued our series about circling Brussels along the Promenade Verte, the Green Path that runs around the city on its outskirts. You can find all parts future and past on this page.

Of course, we also had a couple of new beer reviews in May: The devilish Inferno, the heavenly Petrus Golden Tripel, and Leute Bok, a Beer with a Wooden Foot.

Keep on tasting Brussels!