The Tastes of 2015
Highlights from Brussels

Always looking for new Spots in Brussels

Always looking for new Spots in Brussels


Happy New Year, Everybody!

We hope you are doing well, that Santa and his Elves have treated you to some nice Christmas present and, hopefully, that you are as excited about the new year in Brussels as we are.

Our year started with good news: The readers of Spottedbylocals were asked to submit their recommendations for the Best Blogs about Brussels & were friendly enough to include ours. Thanks a lot!

Before we get started with new posts for the new year, though, let’s have a look back at some favourites from the old one; including posts that attracted a lot of attention, and others that are personal highlights from us (although, come to think of it, these two categories usuall mix quite well …).


Foodie Highlights

It’s not easy to create a “best of” list for cafés and restos in Brussels that will last for some time – there’s just too much good stuff out there, and so many new places opening up all the time.

Among the places that have been near the top of our lists for 2015 are Leopold Café Press and Maison Renardy for Breakfast, as well as Ici Epicerie and La Fabrique for Brunch. For something a little bit exotic for dinner, we have been coming back time and time again to the Turkish delight of Lale Pizza and the African Feast at L’Horloge du Sud.

As for Fries, we still – almost two years later – stand by our Best Fries in Brussels ranking; but there have been some additions, most notably Chez le Grec.

And as a perfect excuse to eat fries in a restaurant, we recommend ordering Moules Frites. In this post we take a look at some of the best places for Moules Frites in Brussels.


Get Out There

Maybe it was the weather, maybe we had a change of mind, maybe one was caused by the other – who knows? Anyway, last year we took a lot of trips to the Belgian seaside at and around Ostende. There will be a post on walking the coast from French border to the Dutch (yes, it’s possible!) come spring. For now, we’d like to whet your appetite for a day at the seaside with some suggestions on how to make the most of it.

Also, if you didn’t do it last year, make sure to visit the amazing bluebells at Hallerboos this spring.



A place that we discovered in 2015 and came back to regularly was Le Tavernier near Cemetiere Ixelles; a great laid-back place for an after-work (or after-hours) drink. As relaxing, but a little more posh is the cocktail bar at the Sofitel Louise – another of our usual go-to places when we fancy a drink. A third recommendation, especially in warmer weather: The 13° Wine Bar at Place Jourdan.

Also, don’t forget that it’s almost always a good time for having a Belgian Beer: Our beer review section now includes well over a 100 entries, so you will almost certainly find one to your liking.


Keep on tasting Brussels in 2016!