Tout Bon
Everything is Well on Place Lux


So far we have been raving on about the bars, cafés and restaurants on Place Jourdan and haven’t really been into any depth about Place du Luxembourg. Yes, I will grant you we don’t go there all that often. This square seems to thrive from the people working for the EU Parlament and the offices around. (If you have spent a while in Brussels you are sure to know about the Place du Luxembourg Afterwork-Party every Thursday!) We haven’t tried many of the eateries on the square – however, I have been to Tout Bon now a couple of times. What did I think?

Well: The interior is really nice and the staff are quite ok too. (Considering we are talking about Belgium, the waitresses could be a lot more harsh!) The place is comparable with the chain Pain Quotidien – wooden tables, a  healthy menu consisting of salads, quiche, soup, tartine… Rather ideal for a small lunch. The prices however are a bit on the rather pricey side. (That’s nothing unusual for the EU-district!)

So far I have always gone for the salads – they are ok, but to be honest: At home (or at any other place) a smoked salmon salad for 16 Euro or more has more than two slices of fish on a bed of lettuce with a slight bit of other garnish (Tomate, Cucumber). So next time I will definitely go for something else!! The bread that comes with the salad is fresh and also served with butter. So you don’t have to leave hungry!

This place is definitely a good alternative to the cantine in the EU-parlament. In Summer they have tables outside. And they are open at the weekend as well.

Apparently Tout Bon does breakfasts too, I havent been there in the morning though! Presently their website is down. How unfortunate! Give it a try and see for yourself!

Tout Bon, Rue du Luxembourg 68, Brussels //