Troubadour Magma
Musketeer Beer


Q: What do you do if you graduate from the best brewing school in Flanders and haven’t immediately got a job as a brewer?

A: Join forces with three friends in a similar situation and start a brewery. What better name could there be than ‘the Musketeers Brewery’?

I doubt if it was that easy, but that’s the story on the website
It all started in 2000 with their first Troubadour beer, a blonde; today they produce no less than six different varieties and this year have introduced the first non Troubadour.

I’ve chosen the Magma because it’s strong and bitter; a combination of IPA and Triple. Should be a good beer for me.

As most beers it looks good in the glass; golden orange / amber colour with an adequate head. The aroma is subdued, yeast. The first taste, as one would expect with such a beer, is bitter, but not overly so.

The bitterness rating is stated as 50; I would say it was spot on; not so intense that it could overide the other elements. Fruit, a touch sour then nice esters followed by dry malt and grain. A medium well balanced finish. The alcohol (9% vol.) stays well in the background.

If you like this beer style but are not yet ready for the Chouffe Houblon, more bitter at 59, and for my taste more intense/compex, then this is the beer to start with.

The name Troubadour was apparently chosen so that it can brings the same joy and entertainment to today’s drinkers as the strolling troubadour minstrels did in the Middle Ages. Corny, maybe, but I’m looking forward to trying more Troubadour beers, especially their Imperial Stout.