L’Ultime Atome
Classic Brasserie on Place St. Boniface


First:  We owe our followers an apology! It has been a while since our last post. Life hast been wild and crazy. And fun of course, too. We enjoyed a faboulous trip to Western Australia. And I do plan to post some Aussie-Recipes here soon. (Lamb Burgers are on the top of my list. As well as Salt&Pepper Squid! Yumm!)  I’ll keep you posted.

So now we are back to reality. Back to good old grey Brussels. (Actually that’s not true. We had  two lovely sunny days here.) At present there is a helicopter circling above my flat – it’s European Summit once again. So to take my mind off the hussle and bussle, let me tell you about a nicer place than the Schuman-Area!

L’Ultime Atome – As we recently have turned into Cineasts (maybe that’s exaggerating a bit, we like going to the movies) we headed of to Porte de Namur. We felt thirsty, one of us was bit hungry too, so we hopped over to Rue St.   Boniface – so far one of my favourite places in Brussels. (Yes, I know that Philipp’s last post was about Rue St. Boniface as well. But I don’t care:-))As we were a bit short for time, we went into the first place, right on the corner.  L’Ultime Atome. I had been wanting to go there for a while. But as it is a more of a Belgium Beer Bar we had avoided it. (Yep, we’re still not big beer drinkers!) But the place looked nice, cosy and authentic, so I thought we’d give it a try. (A friend of ours was visiting and I wanted to show her something typical to Brussels.)

In through the heavy curtain we went and were greeted by people reeding, chatting, drinking beer and wine, nibbling on chese and enjoying steak sandwiches and salads. Felt like a really compfy place. Our friend ordered a steak, we shared her chips and had half a litre of rosé wine. (They do reasonably priced house wine.) The steak was lovely, just right and very jucy. I had to hold myself back, otherwise my friend wouldn’t have any left for her. The staff wasn’t overly friendly but we didn’t have to wait to long. And the mushroom sauce the waitress recommended was superbe!

And I definitely will be going back there. As a writer I am sure I will find lots of inspiration there.

L’Ultime Atome, Rue St. Boniface 14, Brussels.