Heavenly Japanese Buns


It could be a pretty simple equasion: I like Japanese noodles. Umamìdo serves Japanese noodles. So I should go there and have Japanese noodles, right?

Only: It isn’t that simple. Because Umamìdo has something on offer that – at least in my mind – is even better, and much more difficult to find, too.

What might that be, you ask? The anwer is: Pork Buns.

I first tasted these kind of buns at a street food festival in Brooklyn, NYC; had them, loved them, never saw them again on any menu. Until I found them among the appetizers at Umamìdo.


If you have never tried them, here’s a short description: Soft steamed bread bun; tasty meat; topped up with some vegetables and sauce. Doesn’t sound too spectacular? Then just wait until you have tasted one.


Now, they are appetizers, remember? Which is good – because you can order both the ‘plain’ pork bun and the one with added kimchi (pickled cabbage), which is a little more spicy.


Of course, there’s other good stuff on offer as well.

We tried the seaweed salad and the gyoza; both are appetizers, too; both were rather good.

Oh, and there’s Japanese noodles, too. But we wouldn’t go there ‘just’ for noodles, you know.

Umamìdo, Chaussée de Vleurgat 1 & Place Saint-Catherine, Brussels // Website

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