Urban Cook
Best Food-Truck for Burgers


It’s a simple equasion, really: I like food trucks, I crave burgers – so, naturally, I love what Urban Cook does. (Yes, you guessed correctly: They do burgers out of a food truck).

The burgers are decent-sized and taste-wise among the best we’ve had in Brussels – right up there in our little Hall of Fame alongside Houtsiplou and Super Filles du Tram. The bun was quite soft, and meat was delicious – doesn’t get much better than this.

We also enjoyed the atmosphere: It’s just a little food truck with a couple of tables and chairs, so it’s not as formal as in a restaurant. Also, permitted there’s not a long queue or they are closed for half an hour while cleaning their kitchen, you don’t have to wait too long for your burger. Which means you can quickly go back for another one!

We have seen the Urban Cook a couple of times at the Monday Market in St. Gilles – check out the agenda on their website for more information.

Urban Cook Food-Truck // Website