Village du pain
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We noticed the little cafe Village du pain on Place Georges Brugmann passing by on the bus on our way to Uccle. We thought the wooden outside very appealing and the cakes were smiling at us through the window. After being “kicked out” at the Milkshake-Bar Le Balmoral  we decided to go here.

This is your Pain Quotidien in small and quaint: The whole interior is in wood, there are little white pots with sugar cubes on the table, fancy condiments.

In the middle is one large dining table but you can also chose one of the small tables if you want more privacy. The menu isn’t extensive but I am sure everybody will find something here. When we were there people were finishing up there breakfasts, dipping baguettes into large milk coffees (very french style) and some kids enjoying eclairs and cakes.

We went for a cappucino and a latte macchiato and couldn’t have chosen better. The coffees were served lovely and frothy with a small piece of chocolate brownie. The service did take a will but the  staff was friendly and even lent us their pen to take some notes.

Worthwhile to get off the bus!

Village du Pain, Place George Brugman 32 // No Website

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  1. aregularcupofjo

    Sounds like a delicious place to visit. Thanks for sharing and I hope to make the trip to Brussels and check it out. Best of luck with everything 🙂

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