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Feel like a King this Summer


Wandering around Brussels it is hard to miss the Royal Palace. It is perched up on the top of the “Kunstberg” – the so-called Museum Hill –  and is located just opposite the vast Parc de Bruxelles. Most of the time there are a couple of tourists hanging around outside this majestic building, trying to take selfies and family pictures. More than once have we been asked: “Can one see the palace from the inside?” We usually get a disappointed look when we have to answer with no. That is: “No, BUT….” 


For a very short period of time – during the king’s holidays – it is possible to go inside. This year the palace doors will open on July 22nd and will stay open for visitors until September 6th. (Visiting times daily from 10:30 – 4:30, except Mondays.) So what is there to see? First of all you can see the spectacular State Rooms with lovely furniture and portraits of former Belgian Monarchs. As the space is huge they normally have a couple of temporary exhibitions on history and art from Belgian artists.


Many people come especially for the Mirror Room and the permanent installation “Heaven of Delight” by the contemporary artist Jan Fabre. The ceiling and the central chandelier are covered with the wing cases of 1.4 million Thai Jeweli Beetles. They turn the room into a sparkling, green gem. The installation polarizes – some love it, some think it ruins the majestic charm of the huge Mirror Room. Our tip: Go and see for yourself to have your own opinion!

Royal Palace, Place des Palais, Brussels  // 

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