Waffels from Vitalgaufre
Snacktime in Belgian Style


Walking down the Rue Neuve, the main shopping street in the centre of Brussels, you will see stalls selling waffles every couple of metres. Literally. Small waffles, big waffles, plain waffles, waffles with chocolate, whipped cream, and so on. Most of them are ok, but nothing special.

The one I tried last week at Vitalgaufre was different: It was something special. It was fresh, tasty – and had just the right balance between soft and crispy. The great thing is, you can watch the waffles being made with your very own eyes, which is a must if you ask me.

I tried the nature (plain) one this time. (It did have a very light sugar glazing on top. So it was sweet. Some people might prefer a waffle completely en nature – but they don’t have those at Vitalgaufre.) The chocolate one looked yummy too: Before it is baked, several sticks of chocolate are  shoved inside little holes in the side of the waffle. The melted chocolate gives the waffle a unique taste, I presume. And since it’s inside the waffle, it should be less runnier than other waffles which chocolate sauce on top.

I sure will be back to try that one! They also had a waffle with little apple chunks. I will opt for that one, when I am feeling in the mood for something fruity.

Vitalgaufre, Rue Neuve 23-29, Brussels // Website

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