Westmalle Dubbel
The Beer for your Desert Island


Back in March I featured Westmalle Tripel; up until now the beer I would probably take to my desert island if I had to make a choice. The only snag would be the tripel drinks far too easily for a 9,5% alc vol. beer so I would probably never get off the island and when the beer ran out …

So, maybe Westmalle dubbel with ‘only’ 7% alc. vol. would be a better bet? 

It certainly looked good in the glass; dark reddish-brown, lots of carbonation and a really thick, long lasting creamy head. An aroma of fresh baked bread and fruit set me up for the first taste. A surprising spiciness came fairly near the front with a complex fruit blend and some toastiness.

Definitely got better as it began to warm a bit. Recommends 8-14 degrees. Bitterness just right for the type of beer. My conclusion: If you want to get off the island take this with you!

For the record: Westmalle is the second biggest (after Chimay) Trappist brewery. Brewing dates back to 1836 and the dubbel was launched in 1926. Like Chimay Tripel it is also widely available on draught, so there’s really no excuse for not drinking it!

Take a few kegs to the island; they could come in useful to build a raft.


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  1. ithinkaboutbeer

    This is a great beer. I loved drinking on draft when I was in Antwerp.

  2. Peter

    Certainly one to enjoy!
    Available on draft at selected outlets, but generally served a bit cold then.
    In good pubs, asking for a bottle, one can specify one either from the fridge or from the shelf.
    But trappist should not be served in a straight glass like shown above, it merits a proper chalice-type glass.

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