What’s Cooking in Belgium
Finally another English Cookbook


There’s a large English-speaking expat-community in Brussels and everyone who’s ever been here for some time knows how rich the Belgian cuisine is with both variety and history. Oddly enough, those two facts have in the past failed to result in a decent number of English-language cookbooks about the Belgian cuisine.

So naturally, when we heard about a new addition to that small collection, we had to find out for ourselves What’s cooking in Belgium at the presentation of the book at Brussels’s Le Meridien yesterday. 

Neil Evans is of British-Belgian descent and when you hear him talking about food and cooking, you wonder why he became a geography-teacher instead of a chef. In addition to being a passionate cook, he also collects old (dare I say ancient?) cookbooks that he finds in second-hand bookstores and on fleamarkets.

His partner Anna Jenkinson is a British journalist, these days writing mostly about art and travel.

For the book, Neil was in charge of the recipes, while Anna wrote stories about the food itself, the regions it comes from and the people who produce it. As a result, What’s cooking in Belgium is no ordinary cookbook in the sense that not also features recipes but also (hi)stories, which we thought is a great combination.

We haven’t tried any recipes yet (hey, we only got the book yesterday!), but at the presentation Neil mentioned that they sent out the recipes to a group of international testers, as far away as Australia, to make sure that the ingredients needed are not too hard to find outside of Belgium.

Hungry for more?

You can buy the book at Waterstones Brussels (71-75 Boulevard Adolphe Maxlaan, metro Rogier or Brouckere) or online at Amazon UK (free delivery to Belgium!) or Amazon DE, where it’s slightly cheaper and also available as of now.

To find out more about the book and its authors, see Anna Jenkinson’s website, the website of Luster Publishing or follow them at Twitter via @jenkinsonanna and @TastyBelgium.

We’ll keep you posted once we tried out one of the recipes – and if you do, feel free to share your experience with us! Happy Cooking!

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  1. Michelle JR

    I’m really excited by this! Can’t wait to get a copy and start cooking.

  2. Anne Evans

    I have tried some of the recipes; this book is a classic. My dinner guests loved the food and the anecdotes that went with the meal. Such an interesting way to be an educated host and such phenomenal talking points! Indeed how are shrimp caught and how long has this been going on? Has it changed at all? The answers are in the book and adding these fine chatty tidbits to the book make for fascinating talking points at dinner parties.

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