Wolf 9
A drink on the Wild Side


Wolf is a good name for a beer; known in Latin as Canis Lupus (wild dog) it can team up nicely with hops, the botanical name being humulus lupulus.

According to the brewery web site their beers are dangerously delicious and the tasting experience is akin to the mysterious and surprising (sic!) feeling you would undergo if a wild and obviously hungry wolf were suddenly to appear. They take the wolf idea a step further and suggest that as the animals live in packs and are dependant on one another, the beer should ideally be drunk with friends.

How wild the beer is and how intense the experience you can judge for yourself; my suggestion: drink it alone to the accompaniment of Lou Reed’s Walk on the Wild Side. Far better than dwelling on the mysterious feelings of aproaching wolves, but if you must, then stand the empty bottle with its howling wolf sihouette in a dark but not invisible corner of the room and let your imagination do the rest.

The beer is a dark amber colour with a thick head. The aroma is yeast and ripe pears with a touch of banana which follows through in the sweet taste. Maltiness is medium as is the bitterness. Pleasant spiciness comes through towards the end with noticeable alcohol ( 9.0 alc. Vol.)

Perhaps not as complex as some amber beers but a good drink, nonetheless.

Enjoy it if you dare!