The Workshop Cafe
Great Place to Work and Meet Up


I think I may just have found my new favourite place for getting some work (or blogging) done outside of the office: The Workshop Cafe on Avenue Louise (number 146, in walking distance from Louise as well as Rue du Bailli).


It’s a good place for meeting friends, too, but it really is designed for “Generation Laptop”: There are power outlets everywhere, tables in different sizes and heights, decent lighting – and they are open from 7.30 in the morning until 7 in the evening.

The coffee is quite good and not too pricey (2.20 € for an Americano) and You can also have a snack or lunch there – the usual range of salads and sandwiches (similar to Cafe de la Presse) is on offer.


Bonus points for the friendly service and for neither rushing us out when our cups were empty (win-win as we had another round after some time) or when we didn’t notice it was closing time already …

I might not stay my favourite cafe for writing though: A second Workshop Cafe opened its doors this week round the corner from Porte de Namur – will have to check this one out soon!

Workshop Café, Avenue Louise 146, Brussels // Facebook-Page