Workshop Café II
Not quite as nice as the Big Sister


The Workshop Cafe on Avenue Louise is one of my favourite places in Brussels for meeting people and/or getting some work done. Of course, when another Workshop Cafe opened at Porte de Namur, I was pretty excited – would my favourite cafe get a twin that’s even easier to get to?

The answer is no – because the Workshop Cafe at Rue de Namur is far from being a twin of the one at Avenue Louise.

For starters, it’s much smaller – the downstairs area is almost completely taken up by the counter and the fridge which holds sandwiches and salads. The upstairs area is nice – but not nearly as open-space as at Louise. Enjoyable if you are on your own, quite crowded as soon as five or more people are in the room.

So, yes, you can get a good cup of coffee there and it’s ok for working, since there are numerous power outlets. But if you really want to start a proper work session that lasts for one or more hours – do take that little bit of extra time to get to the Workshop Cafe at Avenue Louise.

Workshop Café, Rue de Namur 87, Brussels // Facebook-Page