Zaabär Chocolates
A Sweet Look Behind the Scenes


Walking down Avenue Louise, you will see the shops of Neuhaus, Pierre Marcolini and the other big name chocolatiers that you encounter so often in Brussels. To find Zaabär, you have to leave the beaten path and walk down the much less glamorous Chaussee de Charleroi. Zaabär is not right in the spotlight – which is fitting, since here you will get a look behind the scenes.

You can get a small peek inside their production line before browsing the shop in the back of the store, where you will find chocolate bars (some with rather creative flavour-combinations), pralines, blinis, truffels, etc.

Or you can go full monty and book yourself a place for one of their chocolate workshops, which are held every Saturday (see their homepage for details).

We didn’t go for the workshop (we’ve done this elsewhere already), but it seems like a nice place – and we did like the chocolate we bought; not our favourite, but a nice change from what we usually have.

Zaabär Chocolates, Chaussée de Charleroi 125, Brussels // Website

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